Saturday, July 3, 2010


Personality: 5
She seems sweet on the outside and she may be on the inside... if she would ever talk to anybody. She never has replied to any of the comments my undercover account posted on her page, even with extreme compliments :O
Clothes: 7
First, wearing the same thing ever day is a total risk, expecially when you have as many people going to your page as much as Ellie does. I have to give her a thumbs up for taking a huge risk wearing a wedding dress, but here is where she went wrong... The figure of this dress doesn't flatter her well unless you want to look like you just got plastic surgery in your butt like Kim Kardashian.
Makeup: 3.5
No... No I'm sorry I don't want to be overly opinionated, but I'm sorry. All she has on her eyelid is white eyeshadow (everywhere) Not to mention the layers of black eyelashes. And yes I totally get the whole black and white look and that may be perfect for some people but for you Ellie, leave the black and white alone. Btw get some new lip stick.
Socializing: 2
Ok the last time Ellie replied to a comment was June 03. WTS? I know you have a lot of comments but 2 pages worth of comments thats not bad, when I was covergirl I replied to almost all my comments, and that was in one day not to mention i got at least 100 pages. Not even kidding. Fakeshake3, learn how to love your fans then maybe you'll get more back and more friends. I dont know if you noticed, but a lot of your best friends (on your bff list) have removed you from that best friends list. Are you scared to talk?
Over All: 17.5 out of 40
Tisk Tisk Tisk...
Love, S and R

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