Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beverly Hills gone Heidi

Personality: 9
Wow for someone who is so famous, she's suprisingly down to earth. Although shes not the best at starting conversations. I would keep having to posting comments to get her to really reply something serious. Work on that and you would be a 10 Ashley.
Clothes: 7
Its put together well I guess but its just so plain. There is nothing interesting about the clothes she wears. You know who she reminds me off? Heidi from the Hills, blond hair, big boobs, mayjor botox, and last but not least overly expensive one color boring clothes. Not to mention the cheap fake gold jewelry. I'm sorry i am going a bit overboard, but I guess in a way its not so terrible to be related to Heidi, she is on reality tv and became famous for nothing.
Makeup: 5
Do NOT shadow under your eyes. It ages you 20 years and who wants to look older? Just the gray eyeshadow isn't enough out of all the makeup you have that is what you choose? At least Heidi has good makeup, Ashley you could learn some tips from her.
Socializing: 10
Kudoos to you Beverlyhillshei. You reply to all your guestbook comments and thats hard to do but you do it!

you made a 78. So you passed but try better next time.

Love, S and R